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SWITCH supports Sex Workers(+)

in their current circumstances
and helps them transition into economically sustainable careers if they want to.

Frustrating Delays...

Starting a non-profit can be challenging due to the procedures involved. Currently, we are diligently navigating through the process of obtaining 501c3 status, a crucial step necessary for acquiring business insurance. 

We are delighted to announce that SWITCH has been accepted as a client by Lawyer's Alliance, and we have been assigned dedicated counsel to guide us through this intricate journey. With contracts signed and our next meeting already scheduled, we are optimistic about attaining tax-exempt status by this summer. Meanwhile, although we have been advised to postpone program launches until our legal status is finalized, we remain committed to supporting our community. To this end, we invite you to schedule 30-minute phone calls with us, where we can discuss a range of topics including higher education strategies, potential career paths, or industry insights. Furthermore, we are pleased to offer complimentary resume revision services. Simply send your resume to We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay in program launches, but we believe in doing things properly to serve our community better.

How We Serve Sex Workers (+)


SWITCH Academy

An innovative approach to education for sex workers (+) who are ready to explore their options. 

Studying in Garden

SWer 101

Learn from industry experts how to do the job more safely.

Dancing in the Mist
Dancing In The Disco

Looking to the future

       Being a new organization is both exciting and frustrating. There are many services, programs, and opportunities we are looking forward to being able to offer. As we gain funding, we're looking forward to opening a brick and mortar location where we'll be able to host in-person scholastic courses, pole dancing, martial arts, yoga, and life skills courses. The most long-term goal of SWITCH is to create micro-mass planned communities for sex workers to live cooperatively and supportively in small symbiotic communities. 

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