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Christine DeMaria


Christine is a law student, author, public speaker, comedian, stripper for a decade, survivor of domestic (USA) childhood sex trafficking, and the founder of SWITCH.



Christine DeMaria is a second-year law student at New York Law School, a survivor of domestic childhood sex trafficking, and for a decade worked as a stripper. Deeply impacted by obstacles to pursuing justice against her trafficker, and by a decade of experience working alongside thousands of sex workers, Christine came to law school compelled by a desire to lead radical change. Christine observed that sex workers face misinformation, discrimination, segregation, and exploitation. Outsiders, including nonprofits, religious groups, and law enforcement may mean well, but are consistently doing more harm than good because they do not understand the complexities, capabilities, or motivations of this subculture. 


Christine’s journey for justice against her childhood trafficker gained momentum while she found her voice working as a nationally touring headlining stand up comedian. One attorney heard her speak, and became the first person in her life to not only listen, but to help her pursue justice.  Christine observed sex workers facing legal and employment challenges. Inspired by that attorney, and compelled to help others, Christine's journey to become a lawyer began. 


Prior to law school, Christine spent years as an entrepreneur, performer, and advocate. Christine founded a mixed martial arts school where she taught more than 300 students from 2009 to 2013.

In 2014 Christine  became a stripper. She danced and joked her way across the U.S.A. under the name “The Stripper Comedian.”


In 2019, Christine published her first book, Something Ridiculous by Christy Monroe, (which can be purchased here) where she chronicles the raw account of her father’s suicide and the extreme physical, sexual, and emotional abuse she suffered in her early years. Christine’s second book, Invisible but Priceless will be available  February 3, 2024 and can be preordered now. Invisible but Priceless recounts her survival of childhood sex trafficking, her journey in the sex-work industry, and how she transitioned into the law student and organization founder she is today. This memoir is supported by research which elaborates on technical concepts such as C-PTSD, memory blending, the Cinderella Phenomenon, Stockholm Syndrome, and the effects of growing up under maternal mental illness. 


Christine has interned at a number of legal clinics and District Attorney's Offices where she focuses on advocating for sex workers and juvenile rights. In addition, she is currently launching a non-profit, Sex Workers in Transition Home (SWITCH), which will provide opportunities and resources for sex workers and sex-work-adjacent workers, including health and safety on the job, assistance with alternative careers, legal support, financial literacy, housing, and other social services. 


Today, Christine is dedicated to providing opportunities for sex workers to leave the industry. Part direct service, part legal service, Christine envisions providing a variety of resources  to ensure sex workers have respectful and quality support to address the unique challenges faced in the industry. 

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